3. The Blizzard Incident

Two days in, and a blizzard hits DC – It snows for 36 hours straight, locking me in my apartment on a diet of paranoia-CNN (my Iowa caucus preparation), second-rate action films (“Die Hard”, “Con Air”, “Predator”), and setting up this bad boy on the website. Back home I refused to buy suitable winter footwear before I … More 3. The Blizzard Incident

2. The Suitcase Indicent

Things we lost in flight: Just as you would expect, you pack your things, leave a continent for another, distill your so-called new life in two suitcases, stand at the conveyor belt at the airport – and only one suitcase is doing the rounds. The other one? Lost? Lost, for now. No information, just an A4 … More 2. The Suitcase Indicent

1. The Berlin Incident

Time to pack up and leave. What’s the bigger punch to the gut, admitting to yourself that you are bored with the city you live in (which shouldn’t be the case, ever), or that you are in fact bored with yourself ? It felt like routine, weighing down all sorts of things – expectations, ambitions, … More 1. The Berlin Incident