The Colorado River is providing water for 40 million Americans in seven US states. This summer, the Bureau of Reclamation has declared a water shortage for 2022. But the drought and the political fights over the effects of climate change are already being felt along the river. Is there a solution that will satisfy all the stakeholders involved and still protect the river in the long run?
DER SPIEGEL, September 2021: spiegel.de/ausland/usa-wie-der-klimawandel-den-colorado-river-austrocknet-und-was-das-fuer-die-menschen-bedeutet

Parklife: America is getting vaccinated and finally is travelling again. If you want to escape the ennui of work from home-life but you don’t quite feel like spending it on a packed beach or in a busy city, the great outdoors is the place to go. That’s what I did to ease myself into taking a holiday again. A trip to three National Parks, in search of something we all missed while staying at home: an adventure.
DIE ZEIT, July 2021: zeit.de/2021/27/usa-rundreise-westkueste-nationalparks-urlaub-abenteuer-erfahrungsbericht

America is a very rich country. Being poor and homeless there can be especially tough. Several Oscar-nominated films, among them some of this year’s favourites like “Minari” and “Nomadland”, are looking at how poverty can define a human being and what it takes to call the United States home.
ZEIT, April 2021: zeit.de/kultur/film/2021-04/oscars-2021-nominierungen-nomadland-minari-sound-of-metal

Britney Spears was a global phenomenon, with a music career unlike most artists. After a series of highly-publicised personal struggles, she was involuntarily placed in a conservatorship in 2008, which lasts to this day. “Framing Britney”, a new documentary, looks at why she can make millions for other people, but is not allowed to make her own decisions.
DER SPIEGEL, February 2021: spiegel.de/kultur/musik/doku-framing-britney-spears-fuer-immer-eingesperrt-a-c22a6e92-7cf3-448f-be1d-37394023d47c

What legal consequences does the Capitol insurrection have for those who stormed the building? And can the President and his political allies be held accountable for what happened? Interview with a law professor.
FAZ, January 2021: faz.net/aktuell/politik/ausland/judith-p-miller-ueber-die-juristischen-folgen-des-sturms-auf-das-kapitol-17167309.html

On January 6, Trump fans were storming the Capitol. Richard Barnett  was one of them. He went into Nancy Pelosi’s office, put his feet up on desk, left a note, and stole a letter. Who is this man, and what made him do this? Searching for clues in Gravette, Arkansas, Barnett’s hometown.
DER SPIEGEL, January 2021: spiegel.de/politik/ausland/kapitol-richard-barnett-legte-seinen-stiefel-auf-den-schreibtisch-von-nancy-pelosi-a-00000000-0002-0001-0000-000174874873

Counting, and counting, and counting, and no result: Why does it take so long? Looking for answers in Philadelphia.
FAS, November 2020: faz.net/aktuell/politik/von-trump-zu-biden/briefwahl-warum-zaehlen-die-amerikaner-so-lange-17040105.html

Election night in Scranton, Pennsylvania: What do Trump fans from Joe Biden’s hometown make of the results as they are coming in?
FAZ, November 2020: faz.net/aktuell/politik/von-trump-zu-biden/wahl-in-bidens-heimatstadt-in-pennsylvania-ein-tag-unter-trump-fans-17035312.html

Three women, three opinions, one candidate: In 2016, they were sure that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump. How do they feel about this year’s election, suspicious poll numbers, and Joe Biden’s policy platform? Interview with three feminist in Savannah, Georgia days before the election.
FAZ, November 2020: faz.net/aktuell/politik/von-trump-zu-biden/rueckblick-auf-trumps-wahl-2016-nach-dem-schock-kam-die-wut-17032014.html

The American Dream and its obvious faults: Society was drifting apart long before Donald Trump. Is there a way forward after the election? 
, October 2020: arte-magazin.de/zeit-fuer-einen-neuen-amerikanischen-traum

John Aloszka is a young progressive, Jack Rowan a Trump fan from day one. Bot are from a county in Florida that could be decisive in determining if Donald Trump wins the state. But both voted for Joe Biden. Why?
FAZ, October 2020: faz.net/aktuell/politik/von-trump-zu-biden/us-wahl-joe-biden-die-logische-entscheidung-17026202.html

Donald Trump and “Fox News”, that was a winning relationship before the 2016 election and long after. Right before the first debate between the President and Joe Biden, Fox’s news division is unhappy with the opinion shows. Is all love lost? Interview mit Brian Stelter about the President, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and his new book “Hoax – Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth”.
DER SPIEGEL, September 2020: spiegel.de/kultur/tv/fox-news-bei-trumps-haussender-regt-sich-widerstand-a-80d60caf-0501-4da1-871a-1826f4d9caa4

The bizarre, pro-Trump cult known as QAnon has been gaining followers in the United States for months. Now, the conspiracy theory has begun spreading to Germany. Its followers believe that the coronavirus is a weapon of the elite in their quest to enslave the world.
August 2020: spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/qanon-kommt-nach-deutschland-der-gefaehrlichste-kult-der-welt-a-00000000-0002-0001-0000-000173100094 
(ENGLISH VERSION: spiegel.de/international/world/the-most-dangerous-cult-of-our-times-qanon-s-inexorable-spread-beyond-the-u-s-a-e2b13c80-246a-43e5-945b-80ad7767a170)

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin – who were these men before their fateful encounter,  where were they from, and how did that influence their life decisions?  On the road in Houston and Minneapolis, looking for answers in their biographies.
DER SPIEGEL, June 2020: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2020/27/171773541/index.html

Thanks to Rosa Parks and MLK, Montgomery has a special place in America’s Civil Rights Movement – how does that influence the work of city’s first Black Sheriff?
FAZ, June 2020: www.faz.net/aktuell/gesellschaft/menschen/ein-schwarzer-polizist-aus-montgomery-im-gespraech-zu-black-lives-matter-16809255.html

The importance of writing your own story: Talking to Taffy Brodesser-Akner about her debut “Fleishman is in trouble”, divorce, dating, and hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow.
DER SPIEGEL, May 2020: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2020/19/170716229/index.html

The Big Wave: How Coronavirus made its way to the US and what authorities did next.
DER SPIEGEL, April 2020: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2020/18/170604478/index.html

40 books in 32 years, most of them bestsellers: How does he do it? Interview with John Grisham in his office in Charlottesville.
DER SPIEGEL, February 2020: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2020/11/169840077/index.html

Auschwitz’s liberation, 75 years later: Survivors tell their stories and talk about how the state of the world today worries them.
DER SPIEGEL, January 2020: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2020/4/169007398/index.html

What does a national dish tell you about a country and its people? (3): How the donut defined American breakfast habits.
DIE ZEIT, January 2020: www.zeit.de/2020/10/donut-new-york-backware-gericht

What does a national dish tell you about a country and its people? (2): Chili con carne, Mexico, immigrants, and Texas’ fight for independence.
DIE ZEIT, December 2019: www.zeit.de/2020/01/chili-con-carne-texanische-gerichte-san-antonio

When the zombies leave your town: After Georgia passed a harsh new anti-abortion bill, Atlanta’s film industry is feeling the repercussions.
DER SPIEGEL, August 2019: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2019/28/164759192/

“When They See Us”: The true story of the so-called Central Park Five, who were wrongfully convicted of a crime they never committed, retold for TV by Ava DuVernay.
DER SPIEGEL, Juli 2019: magazin.spiegel.de/SP/2019/22/164076227/index.html

Soldier, junkie, bank robber, inmate, novelist: How Nico Walker’s wrote his much-lauded first novel “Cherry” behind prison bars.
ZEIT ONLINE, April 2019: www.zeit.de/kultur/literatur/2019-04/cherry-roman-nico-walker-us-veteran-irankrieg

What does a national dish tell you about a country and its people? (1): How Chicago’s migrant population created an American classic.
DIE ZEIT, April 2019: www.zeit.de/2019/15/chicago-hot-dog-herkunft

“This whole thing is a big, fat hoax!”: Why Seymour Hersh, one of America’s most famous investigative reporters, remains a Russian-interference skeptic.
FAZ, March 2019: www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/trumps-praesidentschaft/seymour-hersh-zu-russlands-rolle-bei-der-usa-praesidentenwahl-2016-16067157.html

Boy erased, indeed: Conversion therapy for LGBTQ people is still a common thing in America. Two men tell their stories.
NZZ, February 2019: www.nzz.ch/gesellschaft/homosexualitaet-wie-schwulen-ihre-sexuelle-identitaet-genommen-wird-ld.1460280

From voting for Democrats to being Trump’s “most loyal supporters”: Who are Diamond and Silk? An evening with the fast-talking sisters.
NZZ, November 2018: www.nzz.ch/gesellschaft/trumps-nuetzliche-idiotinnen-ld.1434933 

“Who is America?,” Sacha Baron Cohen asks in his new TV show –– but fails to answer it.
ZEIT ONLINE, July 2018: www.zeit.de/kultur/film/2018-07/who-is-america-sacha-caron-cohen-serie-satire

They call him “the Russian tank on ice”: Who is Alexander Ovechkin, one the best hockey players in the NHL, and Putin’s favourite ambassador to the US?
ZEIT ONLINE, June 2018: www.zeit.de/sport/2018-06/alexander-owetschkin-nhl-stanley-cup-finale

Every gesture a power move: The meeting between Kim and Trump will be as much about policy as it will be about images. How important is protocol for such an unprecedented summit? And how do you establish it in the first place? An interview with the former Chiefs of Protocol for President Bush and President Obama.
ZEIT ONLINE, June 2018: www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2018-06/nordkorea-gipfel-usa-singapur-protokoll-politische-beziehungen

If anyone knows how to negotiate with North Korea it’s Christopher Hill. The former diplomat was Ambassador to South Korea and led the US delegation at the Six-Party talks from 2005-09. What advice does he have for President Trump when he will be meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore?
ZEIT ONLINE, June 2018: www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2018-06/gipfeltreffen-donald-trump-kim-jong-un-nordkorea-interessen

Trump’s flamethrower: Who is Stephen Miller, the young, ultraconservative speechwriter working with the president-elect on his inauguration speech?
FAZ, 2017: www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/trumps-praesidentschaft/redenschreiber-des-praesidenten-trumps-flammenwerfer-14688737.html

How is the media preparing for the anti-media president?
FAZ, 2017: www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2017-01/us-medien-donald-trump-umgang-presse-journalismus

Going  back to normal after the terrorist attack at the Christmas market in Berlin

“Trump wants to be admired by the New York Times” – Margaret Sullivan on Trump’s relationship with the media

“I’ll keep fighting” – Bernie Sanders dissects the election and why Trump beat Clinton

On the road with a Republican campaign manager in North Carolina during election day

The last day before the election – bowing out in Raleigh, NC

Watching the second TV debate with Bernie Sanders’ die-hards

How are Trump supporters reacting to Donald Trump’s sexual braggadocio? An evening at the Trump Hotel in D.C.

Visiting Queens, Donald Trump’s old neighbourhood during the first TV debate

“Don’t Breathe” and the genius of horror films in 2016

How Donald Trump became “The Donald”



















–>> more sample clippings via dc-schmidt.tumblr.com or upon request
–>> weitere Arbeitsproben via dc-schmidt.tumblr.com oder auf Anfrage


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