“No rise to power comes without consequences, every presidency leaves a trace. If you boil it down, there are only two types of narratives that you come across in America: aspirational stories and cautionary tales. Trump is a cautionary tale about aspiration.”

In late 2019, I wrote a book about my time in the US and how Americans, and people from all over the world who feel American, cope with the new political reality under President Trump. I travelled from Vermont to Florida, from Texas to Wyoming (and 34 other states in almost four years) to talk to people about politics in Washington, D.C., immigration at the southern border, the opioid crisis, PTSD from America’s war in Iraq, racism, women’s rights, progressive politics, and much more.

The best, saddest, most riveting stories, interviews, and profiles made it into “This is America”, which was published by Aufbau Verlag in February 2020.


You can order it at your local bookshop or get it here:
Dussmann Kulturkaufhaus

You can watch a short reading from one of the chapters on Instagram right HERE – 🎙💎🎲

I made a spotify playlist with songs I listened to while travelling the US. Listen to the tracks HERE.